Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Been One Hot Couple Of Weeks

That's about all I can say there, we've had a little heat wave and I don't do that well in heat.  Surprisingly enough, I was alright up until last weekend.  Brutally hot would describe the weather.  I painted outside most of Saturday and the air conditioning felt good when I came in.  On the plus side, my unit of Burnas is finished, capped off with a Mekboy I gave a looted Doomsiren too because it was fun.  My last Crusader is done.  I got a good start on Ghazdgkull  and the Warp Spider Exarch which has been sitting on my desk for 18 months.  Just finished that one up tonight.  It's good to have it done.

I've been a little out of the photography mood of late, so I haven't gotten pictures of the models yet.  A task for later this week I suppose.  I'm going to take care of a Skull Probe next for a little change of pace and a small project, then I'll start drilling out the torson on the Ork Boss.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy Times

Things have been pretty busy since I returned from Waterloo.  Work's ramping up, well still and looking at doing the campaign at Sean's next weekend means that I have to have the campaign booklet done and the appropriate miniatures.  Means lots of front loaded work.  Should be fun though.  Ivan gave me a Magic deck too, which was nice.  Turns out there are a few other cards I'd like to have, so I'll get those, but I should be more than good to go once my little box is filled up.