Monday, May 24, 2010

Crusader Finished

Once again, I'm apparently not great at project logs, at least the sequential ones. I finished up my Crusader today and he turned out pretty well.

I also took a few minutes to go through the Witch Hunters Codex to figure out what I need to fill out my army. Looks like just a few Sisters of Battle with various weapon upgrades and things for Infantry and then the vehicles, so I'm pretty close to done in terms of models. Painting though, that's another matter.

I think I've also got the next weekend game at Sean's figured out. The guys wanted to do another campaign, which is good. The progression on the HQ's got a little out of hand last time, but I think I've got that figured out. Just got to get stuff down and we should be good to go.

Back to work tomorrow and I'll probably move on to paint something else.

Crusader In Progress

I started this one pretty normally. He came primed black. I based the model with Charadon Granite Foundation, then added a base of Mechrite Red to the red areas.

The metal has just been done with Reaper Blackened Steel so far. The "I" on the suppression shield was was painted with Reaper Carnage Red. The shade on the tabbard is is Reaper Clotted Red and the raised areas are the same Carnage Red used on the shield.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Victoria Day Weekend and its......nice out?

Yep, I'm as shocked as the next person on that one.

It's been a rushed couple of months to be sure. The usual silliness for this time of year going on at work and there have been some other things going on too.

We did a 10K Apocalypse game at Sean's last weekend. It went fairly well considering. In the end though, we had planning not done and the game was just too big. We probably could have pushed it some, but I was feeling pretty rough that day too. As it was, I was feeling better on Sunday night, so at least I was alright for work last week.

I've also gotten a little burned out on painting, largely due to trying to get Sean's Possessed all done. I've really not touched anything seriously for a week or so with the exception of finishing up the flocking on an objective marker for Sean.

For my first real experiment with Verdigris Glaze, I don't think it turned out too badly.

I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll start to clean up the stuff on my desk.

Big Mek with a Shokk Attack Gun
4 Possessed

That should take care of the partially done projects. From there, I can move on to any number of things in my To Paint bucked.

There's also a Doubles Tourney at the Gamer's Lair on the 5th of June that Sean and I are going into, so we'll have to figure something out there.