Sunday, September 26, 2010

Indian Summer is Over.....I Think

Well, I seem to be running about a post per month. Busy fall I suppose. Anyway, I should have a few free weekends in October, so maybe I'll get more done.

I got my Inquisitor redone, though she may get a second trip to the strip bucket once I figure out a better way to get the paint off of the model. It's definitely lacking the clean edges, mostly due to accumulated paint in the crevasses of the model.

I got a Genestealer something done for Nic, though I need to do some additional inking on the plasma gun for contrast.

The final Possessed model is finished.

As is the Cryx Bloat Thrall I picked up last year.

In terms of stuff to work on right now, I've an Immolator on the go, which is proving interesting, but problematic as well, at least in terms of touching areas up. I'm working on the various guns at the moment to take a break from the hull. I still have to magnetize the weapons and finish the turrets. I'm holding off on the hull until next weekend when I pick up some brush on white primer.