Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Goes Out

That's about it. It's kind of cold and gray here, rather a lazy weekend.

For the most part, I've painted a bit, done some reading and played around with Torchlight, which is a pretty good game for five bucks.

I've done some work on my Stormboy Nob, but hes' not done yet.

Basically he's had both arms replaced and a Bosspole added to the Rokkit frame. I've still got to detail the actual model and do some washing and cleanup. I'll probably be another couple of days.

The coverage from Adepticon has been interesting. Most of all, the relatively high number of Guard Armies there. I'm guessing that the options in the new book which actually allows a player to do a small Guard Army have a lot to do with it. I suppose it shouldn't come as a huge surprise; with all of the Forge World support, there are a raft of beautiful Guard kits out there and army options other than 'lots of models on the table' mean that more folks are taking advantage.

Monday, March 22, 2010

How I Spent My Weekend

Yeah, I wish.

In reality, I went out to Sean's place with Sparky.  We had a good visit and a good Apocalypse game too.  I did however, learn a few important things about running a big game:

  • Preparation is good.  Having things like lists and stuff done ahead of time really makes the game go easier.  Unfortunately, that also rules out the way most stores seem to run Apocalypse ("Just bring all your miniatures and we'll rumble").
  • Terrain adds at least 30% more fun.  That's actually true for normal games too.
  • Know how stuff works, both yours and your opponent's.  It's not crucial if you can talk to each other and come to an agreement, but it definitely saves time.
  • Walls of any kind are the bane of Ork Warbikers.
  • While the Strategic Asset 'Rok 'Em Boyz' is not a precision weapon, it it is cool.  C'mon, dropping meteorites on your opponents is awesome.......even if they scatter D6 Feet.
  • Vortex Grenades are even more awesome.......even if they scatter back onto you and kill your Warbikers and your Warboss and your Trukk and your Trukk Boyz.  Odd how it avoided those pesky enemy models.
Anyway, an entertaining game to say the least.  Definitely have some things to do better next time though.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Down, One To Go

Finished up two Possessed for Sean. On to the next one!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Orks vs The Cult

Nic and I played a game on Saturday in which my Orks squared off against his Cultists (using the Guard Codex). It was an objective based game and I lost 4-1. Such is the fate of forgetting the Boyz before Toyz rule.

At any rate, a fun game with about 400 models on the table.

We also realized that I needed to start storing my terrain at home.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Back Home

I'm back to Barrie after visiting Owen Sound for a week.  Seeing everyone was definitely a good thing.

Back home here, the weather's been great.  I snapped a quick picture of the waterfront on Tuesday.

Rain started today, but even at that, this ranks as the nicest March weather I've seen in quite some time

This week, I started to fix up some Orks, then shifted over to work on Sean's Possessed (I did get my one Kommando fixed up).  I should have the first two done this weekend and that will leave next week for the really goofy one.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finished Maugan-Ra

So, in another case of me surging ahead and not getting any intervening pictures, I finished up Maugan-Ra. I wanted to finish it off today so I could leave it with Mike before I headed back to Barrie. All in all, he turned out alright.

Ted's Range Road Diner

Got together with Sparky last night and went to Ted's Range Road Diner. Once again, the list of 123 of the best places to eat in Canada came though. I had some tasty kangaroo medallions. Nice, comfortable place to be sure.

Given that my pic didn't turn out well, I scooped one from the Meaford website.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starting Maugan Ra

So, I started up Maugan Ra today. I picked the model up when I was in Texas and it really just needs some shading and detail work since it's partially based already. The picture below is what I started with:

I just did some rough work last night, trying to get some definition and the colours down:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kill Team?

For our next get together, Sean has decided that he wants to do some Axis and Allies on the Saturday with the potential of some small 40K that night. To this end, we've been looking at smaller games like Combat Patrol/40Kin40Minutes and Kill Team. Basically small, quick playing games.

After re-reading the rules for these games, I've come to wonder how well my Orks will fare. In assault, well, they'll be Orks and just as well at that. The issue becomes whether they will be able to deal with a Brute Squad in a timely manner. Brutes with low toughness and/or poor armour shouldn't be an issue. Things like Space Marines though, the good armour and higher than average toughness can be problematic. In this regard, I'm thinking the lack of reliable shooting is going to be an issue. To that end, I'm considering a Kill Team of Stormboyz rather than Kommandos. I'd be losing out on the addition of a Burna, but I'd gain the flexibility of Rokkit Packs for quick movements.

Anyway, that's a random thought for the morning.