Sunday, October 3, 2010

02 October Tourney at the Gamer's Lair

Well, the bad news is that I didn't take my camera and I kind of regret that now.

The good news is that the tourney went pretty well.

I didn't have enough Witch Hunters painted to field an army and I didn't feel like breaking out my Orks (though in retrospect, I can't recall seeing an army there that would have had an easy time of dealing with them), so Sean helped me out with some models and a list. From there, I loaded up my templates and dice and went intending to just goof around.

We played through three Astronomicon scenarios. Each one was a little different, but they were definitely fun. The first one we did was a downed pilot theme and that mission just had a lot going on in it. The next two simply had easier rules to follow, so it all worked out.

The games themselves were just plain fun and each one was better than the last. I can definitely say that the players are what keeps me going back to the Gamer's Lair for tourneys. It's just a solid and fun group.

An interesting change this time in that the prizes were in the form of Gamer's Lair coupons instead of trophies, but nobody seemed to mind.