Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Next Crusader

I picked up another Crusader with a pair of Sister Dialogus' I got from eBay. I figure I'll try to do a proper project log on this one, so we shall see.

At any rate, the mini arrived primed flat black (exciting I know). I base coated the cloak with Charadon Granite Foundation and applied a base/guide coat of Reaper Blackened Steel to the metal parts. This one is likely to have to be touched up later.

That's the mini as it sits now. Next up is the sword and some of the iconography.

This piece is likely to go slower since I'm working on a Bastion as well and it's definitely closer to being done.

April's Winding Down

It's nearing the end of April and the weather has been warmer than I remember it ever being in April. No complaints here.

Yesterday, I was wandering home around dusk. It was cloudy and the air was cooling off, but not rapidly. It was one of those gray and hazy evenings when there was no wind and everything was still.

Rather a nice night for a walk.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Middle of April

So, it's the middle of the month and I've not posted much.

I've been working on my Bastion and it's definitely been an experience. I'll try to get some pictures posted later this week.

To say that I've learned how to do it better next time is an understatement. Using super glue rather than plastic glue for this thing has caused me a major headache (part of which, I'm sure is from letting the thing dry in my room) in addition to far more filing and gap filling than is normally necessary with these models.

At any rate, the first and second story are on and attached. I'm in the process of adding the roof and the crenelations. One that's done, it's just a matter of painting the add on bitz like the Skull Probes, Laser Cannon, Escape Hatch and wierd communication thingy.

Once this piece is done, I'm planning to do up the Crusader I started simply on the grounds that it's a nice, small project.

We also had a tourney yesterday. I didn't want to bring a bunch of Orks, so I had Sean do me a Chaos list.

Fabius Bile
10 Possessed
8 Raptors - Mark of Nurgle, Melta Gun, Flame Thrower
10 Chaos Space Marines - Laser Cannon, Plasma Gun
10 Chaos Space Marines - Laser Cannon, Plasma Gun
3 Chaos Spawn
10 Blinged Out Terminator Champions with the Mark of Tzeentch

Everything but the Spawn was enhanced.

It was an entertaining list to be sure.

A couple of my units got into fights with themselves and my two troop choices wound up losing a model a turn in the first game due to their monstrous enhancements. Would have been fine if it hadn't been an objective mission.

At the end of the day, I took Best Presentation, which oddly fit since I was the one who painted the majority of the models I'd used. Sean took Best Overall, so now he's won every trophy at least once. In terms of generalship, I lost all of the games, but it was fun. Having a couple of Deep Striking units was pretty neat, though the concept of armour saves was a little strange. I usually don't have to worry about those with my Orks.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Triumphant Return......Sort Of

I'm back from an interesting couple of days in Owen Sound.  I managed to see enough folks that it was a good visit and I certainly couldn't complain about the weather.  I took some nice (for me) pictures of the various back yard critters at my parents' place and saw Clash of the Titans.

On the modeling front, my latest project has been a repair and refit rather than an entirely new model.  I have a Stormboy Nob (which I didn't bother to take a before picture of for some reason) who was armed with a Slugga and Choppa.  Not the end of the world, but there is a reason the Power Klaw and Bosspole are the armaments of choice for Nobz leading units.  This particular Nob also came with an oddly kitbashed Slugga which I think was one of my early works.  At any rate, with the amount of old Stormboyz I have, I've ample places for the pair of old Sluggas to go and, thanks to a box of the new Nobz, I have an ample supply of Power Klaws, Bosspoles and Nob sized Slugga arms.  So, my Stormboy Nob got a refit.