Monday, June 28, 2010

Latest Stuff

The latest Possessed I've done for Sean and my Heavy Flamer Sister.

This guy wound up alright, but like most of this batch, I'm not entirely happy with him. I tried to get them done quickly for Sean for our last Apocalypse game and the models just wound up with too much paint on them. It's a lesson learned for next time. On the other hand, the conversions have worked our fairly well and Sean will have a full unit of unique Word Bearers Possessed based off of the old models.

This one worked out alright, though I definitely need to get better at faces and eyes. I'm also going to have to take a look at the actual fit of the heavy weapon Battle Sisters since things don't seem to be going together entirely right. It doesn't require a tonne of green stuff to fix, but it does take more than I'd like.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First Witch Hunters List

Since we've more or less figured out that we'll have our next get together in August sometime, I've taken a bit of time to look toward what I'll want to bring as an army. For a change of pace, I'd like to do Witch Hunters. Given what I have and what I have painted, I'm looking at:


Inquisitor Lord & Retinue - 190 points
Inquisitor Lord - Stormbolter, Word of the Emperor, Psychic Hood
3 Gun Servitors with Heavy Bolters
2 Sages

Priest - Eviscerator, Rosarius - 95 points


6 Arco-Flagellants - 210 points

3 Death Cult Assassins - 120 points

Culexus Assassin - 120 points


Battle Sister Squad - 270 points
9 Battle Sisters
Heavy Flamer
Frag Grenades
Sister Superior - Plasma Pistol, CCW, Book of St. Lucius, Brazier of Holy Fire
Rhino with Pintle Mounted Stormbolter and Smoke Launcher

Battle Sister Squad - 270 points
9 Battle Sisters
Heavy Flamer
Frag Grenades
Sister Superior - Plasma Pistol, CCW, Book of St. Lucius, Brazier of Holy Fire
Rhino with Pintle Mounted Stormbolter and Smoke Launcher

Fast Attack:

Dominion Squad - 247 points
4 Dominions
4 Meltaguns
Sister Superior - Combi-Melta, Power Weapon, Book of St. Lucius
Immolator with Smoke Launchers and Multi-Meltas

Heavy Support:

Retributor Squad - 205 points
5 Retrubitors
4 Heavy Bolters
Sister Superior - Book of St. Lucius

2 Penitent Engines - 160 points

Orbital Strike - Melta Torpedo - 80 points

Probably not the best list possible, but it does have the odd things the I find interesting like Arco-Flagellants, Assassins and Penitent Engines. At only 4 Faith Points, it's a bit light on that end, but I figure it's a descent spot to start and to goof around a bit. It also has the benefit of my having most of the models already. I just need to get some additional Meltagun and Heavy Bolter Sisters, one Heavy Bolter Servitor and the Tanks.

One Should Never Watch The A-Team If One Has Unpainted Orks

Kind of a goofy time right now. First off, it's been hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut the past week or so. Not the end of the world, but it doesn't help my getting stuff painted one bit.

Second, I've been playing a fair bit of Borderlands and watched the A-Team with Sean last night. Combine that with my freshly reading Imperial Armour 8 and I'm fairly itching to do some Orks again. Sounds great right? Not when I'm trying to get a second squad of Battle Sisters done!

That aside, project wise, I'm fairly excited. For the short term, I'll probably try to build my Ork Army to the Ork Dread Mob list form Imperial Armour 8. Mostly Dreads, Kans, Lootas and Wagons with crazy weapons on them. The list will blow in terms of claiming objectives, but the model count will be low and it's going to be fun as hell to play. For Chaos, I'm still working on Sean's Possessed, but that's in the home stretch thankfully. Finally, on the Witch Hunters side, I've finished the Heavy Flamer Sister that I plan to include in Battle Sister Squad Primus. After that, it's on to the models in for Battle Sister Squad Secondus. Somewhere in there, I also need to pick up a couple of Immolators/Rhinos to transport the units.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Inquisitor Finished

Yeah, I know he's actually a Daemon Hunters Acolyte, but he just looks more Inquisitorial to me.

I still need to do some inking and detailing and something with hit boots, but he's at least tableworthy at present.

A Muggy June Evening

It's been hot of late and fairly slow going in terms of painting.

I've managed to finish up two Heavy Bolter Sisters and one with a Melta Gun. Presently, I'm working on the Acolyte from Inquisitor Cortez's retinue, though with all of the other Acolyte models I have, I'm thinking he'll be used as an Inquisitor more often. The model is just a great fit for an Inquisitor with a Psychic Hood and Inquisitorial Mandate. I'm at the point of getting him cleaned up and ready to go. I'm really not in the mood to detail the various scripts on him though, so those will wait a while.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sisters Have Arrived!

Battle Sister Squad Primus is ready for the table!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Sisters Are Coming!!

The Apocalypse Game (or more accurately the speed painting trying to get ready for it) dulled my desire to paint for a week or two.

I finished up one of Sean's Possessed and promptly put my Big Mek with the Shokk Attack Gun and the rest of the Possessed aside. It turned out I was less burned out on painting than burned out on painting those models. Sounds a little silly I know, but there it is.

To that end, I picked up a piece that I thought would be kind of goofy and fun to play around with. I figured it was go big or go home, so I went for the biggest......the biggest hair in 40K that is.......Jain Zar!

I did he up to match (somewhat) with the Mirror Sword Exarch I did for Mike. The pose is just plain nutty, but the model turned out alright.

With Jain Zar done, I decided to change my pace from Orky Green and Chaosy.....uhhh....Chaos and look to getting a small force of Witch Hunters ready to put on the table.

Yep, apparently, in the grim darkness of the distant future, there is only models and paint. Who knew?

So, it came down to what I already have and what I need.

If I'm going to take my Witch Hunters to legal games, then I need my HQ and two troops.

Good news here! I've got an Inquisitor and a Preacher painted, plus a small batch of henchmen! Actually, that's great news for early games since and Inquisitor Lord and buffed up Retinue can actually compete with a kitted up Mob of Nobz in terms of soaking up points. I might not be able to do the exact HQ build I want, but I've definitely got one to field for my early games with the army.

Now for Troops...........crud.

I can go with Inquisitorial Stormtroopers or Battle Sisters. Really no contest here, the Battle Sister models rock far more than the Stormtroopers. I also do have some Sisters that V painted up for me. She went with kind of an Order of the Sacred Rose scheme with reddish/burgundy robes rather than black. I've got to admit, it looks seriously good. They're not a full unit, but they're a good start.

In that picture, I've got the following models:

Sister Superior with Plasma Pistol
Sister Superior with Power Maul and Combi-Bolter
Battle Sister with Flamer
Battle Sister with Storm Bolter
Battle Sister with Imaginifier
3 Battle Sisters with Bolters

I also have two Battle Sisters with Heavy Bolters that I've finished up.

So, to turn this into two troop choices, I need to get the following models painted up from my To Paint Box:

3 Battle Sisters to finish up the first unit.

To complete the second unit, I definitely need some more models painted:

6 Battle Sisters
1 Battle Sister with Imaginifier
2 Battle Sisters with Heavy Flamers

Also nearby on the to do list are:

Battle Sister with Flamer
Battle Sister with Meltagun
Sister Superior with Plasma Pistol

That will give me two reasonably identical and very bury Battle Sister squads.

I'll be able to round out the rest of the army with Assassins and a Penitent Engine at this point.

So, all in all, a nice start and I'm finding the smaller models somewhat refreshing compared to the bulkier Chaos and Ork stuff.