Friday, July 31, 2009

A Trip To Waterloo

Had a nice trip to Waterloo. I caught up with Sparky and V, did some painting and hung out. It was a lot of fun. Veronica painted up the first batch of my Sisters of Battle for me, which I thought was nice. I think they turned out well, though the pictures don't quite do them justice, the white is very bright and I'm trying to photo to models at night without a light box. I'm using the flash, but it reflects pretty heavily off of the Skull White. I'll try to get some better pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ever find one of those models that just about paints itself?

Well, I did today and it was added to a pretty short list. I've painted quite a bit (well, for me at any rate, I'm sure other folks have done more) and there are only a few models for which I've seen this occur. The old Possessed (what can I say, they're goofy looking and I like them), Boss Snikrot, the Vostroyan Sniper with the funky optic helmet and this Commissar Nic gave me. It's a great model and it got finished in record time. The only real pain in the arse was gluing the right arm on, but for a model this fun to paint, I'll deal.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gaming and Painting

A bit of an odd Saturday. I slept in and puttered away at my Crusaders. Talk about fun models to paint, they're beauties. I doubt they'll be as cool in game as they look, but I'll field them anyway. If GW ever comes out and does a plastic Inquisition Retinue kit, I'm sure they'd wind up with some pretty cool stuff. Nic gave me a Commissar and an Ogryn to work on as well and they're coming along well. I've gotten the Commissar about half done in the last hour or so. The Ogryn will take a little longer since he's a bigger model and he's getting a bigger gun as well, but that's alright.

Sean and I went to the Gamer's Lair today and played a game through. We drew the game at two objectives each. Sean brought out the Daemons and I went with a thrown together Ork list which worked pretty well considering. Aside from that, Doug mentioned that he's gutting the store in August to be rid of the rat maze effect and make room for more gaming tables, so that's a good thing. He showed Sean and I the drawings and it looks as though the place will be considerably more open when he's done. He's also going to start selling used models and things, which could be interesting. I know I've gotten some bits and pieces from Doug's used cabinet before and they've been descent deals, reasonably comparable to eBay when you factor in the shipping and things.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a cool July

So people are saying anyway.  I don't mind it.  Good weather for wandering round.

Work's been busy and getting busier, par for the season.  I've gotten three new trainers hired on and they're doing well, so there should be more breathing room now than before.

I've gotten Nic's Burnas done, which is a good thing.  I hadn't painted in bulk in a while and doing so again was a bit of a departure.  I can still do it, but it takes longer to get back into that groove than it used to.  I guess I've been spoiled by doing too many command units and similar things.  I've decided to work on either a Crusader or a Wolf Priest next, though I think I've settled on the Crusader.  I want to play around with fabrics and see if I can make them look good with a bit of a cross between blending and dry brushing.  If I get too frustrated with that though, I can pull out the Wolf Priest.  Models like that make me wish I was making a Space Wolves army.  Their regular Blood Claws and Grey Hunters are very nicely done and their character units like Rune Pirests, Wolf Priest, Wolf Guard and Iron Priests are just beautiful.  At any rate though, we'll see how it goes.