Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Morning Post

Apparently I'm starting to wake up earlier. Lots of fun at any rate. Up here, when you wake up, it's basically cold and dark. Needing something to do, I've started posting here a little more.

At this point, I've decided to finish up my Bastion. It's been sitting there just needing detailing for a while now. The building itself is largely finished. I just need to add things like some of the Servo-Skulls and sensors. The greater part of the work actually comes from the add on bits like the laser cannon and communications array. At any rate, it'll let me putter about this week (and probably next while my mouth heals).

Sparky and I chatted a bit last night too and the consensus was that we should have something to do other than our little 40K campaign in the event that we have folks not showing up. Makes some sense, so now it's off to the drawing board on that as well. That's part of the reason for doing the Bastion next. Very little in terms of large painting to do, but it'll let me do an Aquila here and a sensor there while I build a scenario or two.

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